How Bad A Cook Am I?

Chicken RecipeBut wait.

I have a recipe that’s almost foolproof.  And when it comes to my cooking, trust me – the emphasis is on “fool.”

The recipe came from Mom, who – bless her heart – knew I didn’t care for cooking.

Normally I’m not one who talks recipes.  But this Crusty Chicken Casserole is so easy and so good, I’ll make an exception.  Another plus – it all goes into one dish, with no mixing, mincing, slicing, dicing, sautéing, deglazing or other such foolishness.

RiceYou can tell I’ve used this recipe many times – the stains, tears and fading are for real.  And every time I’ve made this – success!

Here’s the recipe, with my alterations:

Chicken Recipe Typed

“OK,” you’re thinking, “that does look easy.  And good.  But it’s not a full meal.”

You’re right – so here’s what’s on the backside of Mom’s recipe, again, another one-dish wonder:

Rice Recipe Typed


Talk about easy!  And it bakes right along with the casserole.

There’s not much cleanup and, since you cooked – someone else is doing the cleanup.


Hell Yes 2 cropped

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