Melania’s Shoes!

FLOTUS meaning - what does FLOTUS stand for?The First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) recently took a trip without the President of the United States (POTUS).

It was, in fact, “her first solo domestic overnight trip in her official capacity,” according to Time magazine.

POTUS meaning - what does POTUS stand for?Now, POTUS was inaugurated January 20, 2017, which, by my count, was two+ years ago, so I think it’s safe to say our FLOTUS is not one to rush into anything.

The purpose of FLOTUS’ trip was to promote her BE BEST campaign, which she launched back in May 2018.

Yet another indication that our FLOTUS is not one to rush into anything.

On this trip her destinations were:

  1. The Dove School of Discovery, a Tulsa, OK elementary school that the White House says incorporates character education in its curriculum.
  2. Microsoft in Redmond, WA to learn about programs and apps designed to teach children how to be safe online, and about technology to help children with disabilities.
  3. A town hall meeting in Las Vegas on the opioid crisis.

In addition to Time, other important members of the media covered FLOTUS’ trip, such as Footwear News.

How has this important publication escaped my notice?

Upon FLOTUS’ arrival in Tulsa, Footwear immediately got to the bottom of things by focusing on…

Headline (2)

The article described FLOTUS’ shoes as “a pair of yellow plaid pumps from Manolo Blahnik’s fall ’18 collection.  The brand’s signature BB style, which is named after French movie star Brigitte Bardot, features a yellow multicolored plaid flannel upper, a sky-high 4-inch stiletto heel and a classic pointed-toe silhouette.”

melania shoesAdd, for those of you who must have them, “The same model is available in white, black, gray and red for $695 on”

Highlights, Day #1:

At the Dove School in Tulsa a student held up this poster and asked FLOTUS if it was an example of cyberbullying:
Tweet Adam (2)
melania grimacing cropped cropped FLOTUS had no comment.

As FLOTUS departed, one student summed up her visit succinctly:  “She is, like, the first lady, and I was like, whoa.”

Apparently this school “incorporates character education in its curriculum” but not, I guess, grammar.

FLOTUS then flew to Seattle and visited the Microsoft campus in Redmond.  While at Microsoft, employees demonstrated how they use technology to limit their teenagers’ screen time…


And control the websites kids can access and who can see what they’re doing online:

computer on fire_01

Highlights, Day #2:

 FLOTUS arrived in Las Vegas and happily, so did Footwear News:

Headline 2 (2)

This time FLOTUS was wearing “Christian Louboutin pumps featuring a low-cut topline and vamp on a 4.7-inch stiletto heel.  Louboutin’s pointy So Kate pumps retail for around Melania Trump, Paradise, USA - 05 Mar 2019$675.”

And USA Today noted that FLOTUS’ ensemble included a “belted navy-blue dress with a pussy bow.”

“Pussy bow”?  What the hell is a pussy bow?

As FLOTUS made her way to the Westgate Las Vegas Resort for the town hall meeting, POTUS was doing his part, tweeting an offer of “Free admission for the first 1,500 people!” to the already free event:

Tweet 1 (2)

Distinguished guests in the half-filled theater included an Elvis impersonator, which no meeting about the opioid crisis should be without.

 FLOTUS responded to challenging questions with thoughtful answers including:

No, she “hasn’t had time to do any cooking yet in the White House” (remember, she’s only been there two+ years), and “a good meal for the Trump family is spaghetti.”

Yes, she “just renovated the White House bowling alley and it looks beautiful.”

And at some point, talked about the opioid crisis.

Melania with caption
FLOTUS:  Spaghetti…opioids…bowling alley…and a pussy bow.

Then FLOTUS went home, and the Elvis impersonator realized that inspired by her – he, too, could BE BEST:

elvis ultimate_01 edited

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