And Now It’s Time For Installment #2 Of…

There’s something irresistible about people who act stupidly when committing a crime.

Maybe it gives me a feeling of superiority, to ponder, “What were they thinking?” as what were croppedthough I’d never done anything stupid.

Who, me?

Let me count the ways.

But I have to say – I have not done what these guys did:

Numbnuts #3:

Thomas-Lee-Williams_croppedFrom what I’ve seen and read, being released from prison is something to celebrate.

Thomas Lee Williams, 37, was in Westmoreland County Prison in Greensburg, PA.  He’d been serving time since January 2017 when he’d pleaded guilty to dealing drugs.

Thomas was ordered released, and he was ready to celebrate.

He got started by attacking a woman in the prison parking lot, stealing her car…

Baby in car-seat-cropped reversed
Where’s my Grandma?  Help!  Help!

And driving away with her one-year-old grandson in the back seat.

Thomas may have got to thinking that an infant would put a damper on his celebration, so right after he crashed the car, he got out and ran into the woods.

He was apprehended, and back in custody on $250,000 bail.  Charges against him included kidnapping, robbery of a vehicle, aggravated assault and reckless endangerment.

Grandmother and grandson were taken to hospitals to be checked out, and will be fine.

Thomas’ celebration was postponed until further notice.

Numbnuts #4

dominick-breedloveAs you can see from his photo, Dominick Breedlove got nicely spiffed up for his recent job interview  at Kohl’s in Spring Hill, FL.

Nice necklace, and those earrings – wow!  Talk about bling!

After the interview, Dominick decided to look around Kohl’s for a birthday gift for his mom.  Maybe some nice Nikes, he thought.

So, not only a spiffy dresser, but a thoughtful son, as well.

He scoped out the shoe department, then went out to his car and returned with a Kohl’sKohl's cropped shopping bag.

I’m betting those job interviewers were as impressed by Dominick as I am:  Spiffy dresser, thoughtful son, and now – recycling a shopping bag instead of asking for a new one.

I should also add “discerning,” because out of all the items in the shoe department, the shoes Dom chose happened to be two pair without security tags.

He put the shoes in his Kohl’s bag and calmly headed for the exit.

A loss prevention employee called the police, who busted Dominick.

Takeaway:  After interviewing in a retail environment, don’t get caught shoplifting in said environment.

Shoplifting before the interview is probably a bad idea, too.

numbnuts_04 cropped

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