What Do Kellyanne Conway And This Vicious, Nasty Pit Bull Have In Common?


The political news is coming at us so quickly, who can keep track?

Was it really only a week ago – last Thursday – that all this happened:

  • Joseph Maguire – yet another “Acting Director,” this one of National Intelligence – testified before Congress regarding Trump and Ukraine.
  • A version of the whistleblower’s seven-page statement was made public.
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said efforts to suppress the records related to Trump’s call with Ukraine’s president constituted a “cover-up.”

At the end of that day, like most evenings, I turned to the PBS NewsHour to hear calm, intelligent, rational people sort out the day’s events.judy-woodruff-cropped

And it went well, until about 15 minutes into the program.

When Judy Woodruff did an interview with Kellyanne Conway.

Woodruff is calm, intelligent, rational – and a professional.

Conway is none of those.

And Conway was true to form in the interview.

I’ve seen Conway many times – unfortunately – but that Thursday night she reached a new low in lies, irrationality, and sheer rudeness.

kelly cropped reversedConway was, as usual, abrasive and obnoxious, interrupting Woodruff multiple times and not responding to questions.

Exactly what Trump hired her to do.

The one – the only – thing I find interesting about Conway is that her husband of many years, George Conway, is not a Trump supporter.

He’s made many anti-Trump statements, including this in an opinion piece in the Washington Post on September 20, early in the Trump/Ukraine story:

“Congressional procrastination has probably emboldened Trump, and it risks emboldening future presidents who might turn out to be of his sorry ilk.  To borrow John Dean’s haunting Watergate-era metaphor once again, there is a cancer on the presidency, and cancers, if not removed, only grow.  Congress bears the duty to use the tools provided by the Constitution to remove that cancer now, before it’s too late.  As Elbridge Gerry put it at the 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, ‘A good magistrate will not fear [impeachments].  A bad one ought to be kept in fear of them.’  By now, Congress should know which one Trump is.”

I do sometimes wonder what must it be like at the Conway dinner table with Kellyanne, George, and the children – twins Claudia and George IV, and Charlotte and Vanessa, ages kelly croppednine to 14:

Vanessa:  Mom, I got an A on my spelling test!

Kellyanne:  Well, that’s false.  You got an A- and that’s just typical of the lies and fake news you’re constantly putting out there.

Claudia:  Mom, you said I could have a phone once I turned 14 – when am I gonna get a phone?

Kellyanne:  Claudia, that’s an exaggeration and a misrepresentation of what I said.  That’s not what I said.  Check the alternative facts before you misquote me.  And why aren’t you wearing that bracelet from Ivanka’s jewelry line?  I told you to wear it to school and tell everyone about it!

George (Son):  But Mom, you did say we could get phones when we were 14!

kelly cropped reversedKellyanne:  Well, first of all, you’re incorrect, repeating information that got unfortunately conflated by your sister.  We have the transcript of that conversation, and at no time did I say that, it’s just the partisan conclusion you want it to be.

George (Dad):  Kellyanne, I thought we agreed you weren’t going to bring up Ivanka’s jewelry line anymore.

Kellyanne:  As usual for you, that was an unfortunate misstatement.  It’s like I keep telling you, George.  You’re a stone-cold LOSER and husband from hell.

George/Dad:  I thought Trump said that.

Kellyanne:  Same thing.

Last (2) fixed

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