Steve Went…

Now Steve’s going…

bye bye cropped

Steve Eaton’s story starts with with an item we all know and use:

Shopping carts.

First introduced in 1937, shopping carts have been around a long time.

And in Steve’s situation, a lot of shopping carts have been around.

In his own collection, that is.

It seems that Steve was an avid shopping cart collector, his sources including:

From Walmart:  Five.
From Kroger:  Three.
From Dollar Tree:  Two.

He was what you might call an equal opportunity collector.

And discerning, as well.

We’re not talking those plain-old-push-it-yourself carts – Steve was a true aficionado.

He collected only motorized shopping carts.

Discerning, yes? displayed this tasteful montage of Steve and two motorized carts, though I was unable to ascertain if these were part of his collection:

Image from Kentucky Sports Radio

Recently the Laurel County, KY sheriff’s office was dispatched to an apartment complex after receiving reports that a man – allegedly intoxicated – was riding a motorized shopping cart around the complex’s parking lot.

carts cropped
None of these no-motor numbers for our Steve!

When deputies arrived they found Steve – he’d selected a Walmart cart for this excursion – and determined he was under the influence.  They also found the other nine carts that Steve had…um…collected.

Steve was charged with theft – and since motorized carts run (no pun intended) around $2,000 to $3,000 – the state of Kentucky may consider this a Class C felony theft.

And that could mean Steve may be saying “Bye Bye” for five to 10 years.

He was also charged with alcohol intoxication in a public place, and on a warrant for failure to appear in court on previous charges of alcohol intoxication in a public place.

Our Steve has shown the same thoroughness in his cart collecting as in his crime committing in recent years; he’d previously been found guilty of:

  1. Public intoxication.
  2. Criminal trespassing.
  3. Resisting arrest.bye bye cropped
  4. Criminal mischief.
  5. Terroristic threatening.
  6. Fourth-degree assault.
  7. Possession of a controlled substance.
  8. Disorderly conduct.
  9. Contempt of court.

To round out his record, back in 2017 Steve was accused of “cussing people out” in front of a Speedway gas station, which led to an alcohol intoxication charge, of which he was also found guilty.


Thanks to Steve, I now know that “cussing people out” in front of a Speedway gas station in Kentucky is a crime!

It might not get me five to ten, but when I’m in Kentucky I’d best be careful or…


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