Ahhh…Some Thoroughly Trump Moments

Endangered (2)


Endangered:  Bald eagle

trump_01 cropped smaller

“Eagle, schmeagle.  What’s an eagle ever done for ME?”

Texas smaller

Endangered:  Texas wild rice

trump_01 cropped smaller

“Rice, schmice.  You want rice, buy some Uncle Ben’s.”

Amazon larger

Endangered:  Amazon rainforest

trump_01 cropped smaller

“Amazon, schmamazon.  Do you know what that lumber is worth?”

Air (2)

Clean Air smaller

Carbon monoxide in our air:  Reacts with other pollutants in the air to form a harmful ground level ozone.

trump cropped.png

“That’s fake news!  I don’t see any carbon monoxide!”

Cows-01 smaller

Methane gas in our air:  Traps heat in the atmosphere, contributing  to climate change.

trump cropped

“That’s fake news!  Methane gas?  Cow farts?  Forget it!”


Coal pollution in our air:  Mercury, lead, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulates, and various other heavy metals.

trump cropped

“That’s fake news!  Coal is good for Americans and good for America!”

Water (2)

stream smaller

Polluted stream

Trump (1) larger

“Chemicals running into streams?  The crops are profitable, so what’s your point?”

river smaller

Polluted river

Trump (1) larger

“Hey, it’s a big river, it can handle a little dumping.



Trump (1) larger

“Wetlands?  Do you know how much oil we could drill on that land?”

85 Rules (2)

And speaking of Trump being thorough:

Paris Climate Accord (2)

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