Geography 101 For A Moron

In a display of his “great and unmatched wisdom,” on November 15 Trump tweeted this about Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch:

tweet (2)

I didn’t find myself wondering why Trump did this, because he is – to borrow from Rex Tillerson – a moron.

I did find myself wondering if Trump even knows where Somalia is.

So I showed Trump a world map and asked him to point to Somalia:

Somalia (2).jpg

I said, “No, Somalia is actually in Africa, the continent behind you.”

Then I created a geography quiz, based on Yovanovitch’s 33 years in public service and Trump’s “Everywhere Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad.”

Does Trump know “everywhere” she went?

Of course not.

So, in chronological order – yes, Yovanovitch was stationed in Somalia early in her career in the 1980s, but her first foreign assignment was in Ottawa.

I asked Mr. Great-and-Unmatched-Wisdom to point to Ottawa on the map:

Ottowa (2)

“No, Ottawa is in Canada.  Remember, our ‘neighbors to the north’?

“Yovanovitch’s next foreign service was in Moscow, and I’ll bet you know where Moscow is, right?  Where your best friend Putin lives, right?”

Mocow (2).jpg

“Well, you’re pointing in the right direction, at least.  Sort of.

“After Moscow, Yovanovitch served in London.  I know you know where London is because you’ve been there, remember?  You met the Queen?  Go ahead and point to London”:

London (3).jpg

“Well, London is on an island.  However, it’s not that island.

“You probably didn’t know that Yovanovitch’s next site of service was Ukraine, where she was Deputy Chief of Mission from 2001 to 2004.

“But for sure you know where Ukraine is, because you had that perfect phone call with Ukraine’s president.  So let’s zoom in to make it easy for you to point to Ukraine”:

Ukraine (2).jpg

“Actually, you’re pointing at Crimea, which your friend Putin illegally annexed in 2014.”

Moving on!

“Let’s stay zoomed in, but this time I’ll make it really easy for you.  Yovanovitch’s next two assignments were as U.S. Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan and U.S. Ambassador to Armenia.  See if you can point to EITHER ONE of those”:

Armenia and Kyrg (2).jpg

“No, that’s Turkey.  You’re pals with that dictator as well, remember?  Armenia is on Turkey’s northern border – can you see that?  And Kyrgyzstan is to the far right and – oh, never mind.

“Yovanovitch’s next foreign assignment returned her to Ukraine in 2016 as the U.S. Ambassador.  Since you already flunked Ukraine, I won’t test on this.

“Which leaves you at 0/7.

“So…I’m curious.

“When you were in college busy dodging the draft, did you ever study geography?”

trump shrugging_01 cropped

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