Some Thanksgiving Options

Option #1:

If you’re undecided about where to have Thanksgiving dinner, Newsweek offered the above photo and this story about Denny’s $8-$18 options:

Newsweek (2)

And Newsweek wasn’t the only one.

Option #2:

A week before Thanksgiving the San Diego Union-Tribune ran this lengthy article:

scan0001 (2)

The article listed 40+ restaurants and assured us that if we hadn’t yet made our Thanksgiving dinner reservations:  “No problem.”

Here are a few of those restaurants and what you’ll pay on Thanksgiving:

Barleymash, San Diego; $45 per person.
Sea 180 Coastal Tavern, Imperial Beach; $59.95 per person.
Coasterra, San Diego; $64.95 per adult.
20|Twenty, Carlsbad; $89 per adult.
Morada, Rancho Santa Fe; $95 per adult.  And…

Addison At Fairmont, San Diego; prix fixe Thanksgiving dinner, $235 per person.

I expect these restaurants will be very busy tomorrow.

And I think that’s great.

Option #3:

As I sit here on the day before Thanksgiving, another option occurs to me:  Places where many people will go, if they can find their way.Salvation Army

And perhaps some – just some – of the people going to Denny’s or Addison or any restaurant might spare a thought, and a few dollars – just a few – and donate money to a non-profit offering Thanksgiving meals.

The average cost to provide a free Thanksgiving meal is $2 to $2.50 per person at, for instance, the the Salvation Army.

Just a thought.

safe and happy larger


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