And Now…Little Donny-Wonny Trump Jr, Also Known As “Mr. Ride On His Daddy’s Coattails”

The New York Times Best Seller List is something of a Holy Grail for book authors.

Holy Grail:  a thing that is being earnestly pursued or sought after.

Few authors achieve a place on the list, and a few of those are totally undeserving of that coat_tails_feature croppeddistinction.

Case in point:

Donny-Wonny Trump Jr, aka “Mr. Ride On His Daddy’s Coattails.”

His book Triggered has been variously described as “forays into politics and views on liberals from the executive vice president of the Trump organization” and, “a reminder that people thought Mein Kampf was an excellent book, too.”

So here’s the book on November 23, in first place on The New York Times best seller list:

Nov 23 (2)

But wait.

Let’s look at that image again:

Nov 23 (2) with arrow

See that red arrow?  It’s pointing to a little dagger.

What does that dagger mean?

This article from The New York Times explains:

Ny Times (2)

That dagger means “bulk purchases of the book.”

That’s right!  The Republican National Committee (RNC) spent almost $100,000 buying copies of Donny-Wonny’s book!

Which, the Times article point out,

“…is unusual in that the committee is promoting a book written by a candidate’s son who isn’t a politician and isn’t running for office.”

Well, hope you enjoyed it while it lasted, Donny-Wonny.  Because it didn’t last long.  Here’s The New York Times best seller list for December 7:

Dec 7 first book covered (2)

Dec 7 (2)

NOTE:  No “bulk sales” dagger on A Warning.

Keep Calm (2).jpg

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