Here’s A Graph Showing The Most Important Issues Facing Americans Today:

Here’s what Trump is talking about:

CNN (2)

That’s right.

Recently, Trump was at a meeting with entrepreneurs, or as the White House website called it:

white house

During what must have been a torturous-to-hear, almost-2,500-word rambling bunch of disparate opening remarks, Trump had this to say about toilets:

“People are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times, as opposed to once.”

Oh, really?

I live in California, a state that has droughts on a regular basis, and we know a thing or low-flow-fixtures-delcor-croppedtwo about water, water conservation, and low-flow bathroom fixtures.  If anyone had to flush the toilet “10 times, 15 times,” it would be headline news.

That’s the kind of state we are.

So here’s the question:

Who are the “people” Trump is referring to?  Who is this faceless, amorphous group known as “people” who are “flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times”?

And telling him about it?

When Trump has no facts, his fallback word is “people.”  “People” do this, say this, are or aren’t this.  Here are some examples of Trump using his fallback word during that meeting:

“Some people said…”
people were rooting for a recession…”
“we’re paying interest to people…”
“there are a lot of people very unhappy about it…”
“that people can’t even believe it…”
people are getting very excited about it…”

Trump people (2)
people will be going to the new cars…”
“a lot of the people…”
“that people got used to…”
“Many people were complaining…”
“those people in…”
“these people were coming in…”
“our people are very happy…”
“we have a lot of great people looking at it and interviewing people…”

Well, at least, in the midst of his monologue and “people-ing,” Trump was good enough to give us a meteorology lesson:

“they have so much water that it comes down – it’s called rain…”

And Trump knows rain – as demonstrated in these 2018 photos of Trump leaving his Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago, and heading back to the White House.

First, the headline:

Daily Mail (2)

We see Trump walking up the stairs to Air Force One, umbrella in hand:


Followed by Melania and Barron, left exposed to the elements:


“What a gent!” indeed.

The article says this trip to Mar-a-Lago was also noteworthy because a crowd had gathered near the resort to protest against Trump, the most recent reason being his disparaging comments about Haiti and African nations.

“The Trump administration both denied his comments and has claimed that they were misrepresented.  Multiple politicians present at the meeting have said he made the comments.

“In a closed-door meeting about immigration, Trump allegedly said, ‘Why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here?’”

Also note Trump’s use – again – of “people.”

Imagine that.

Memo to Trump:

From now on, you’ve inspired me to think of you every time I…


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