This Event Ends Today – But The Hate Doesn’t End

No one can doubt that hate is a growing trend in our country:

NY Times (2)

USA TOday (2)

NPR (2)

Now, even a zoo is getting in on the hate:

Zoo_01 (2)

Yes, the San Antonio zoo is celebrating Valentine’s Day by inviting you to participate in its first-ever “Cry Me a Cockroach” event.

I’ll let the zoo tell you in its own words:

Zoo_02 (2)

The live-streaming they’re referring to is just a quick scroll down the page, where for now you see their cockroach cam:

Livestream (2)

But today – Valentine’s Day – just stay tuned, and you can watch this new and sickening outlet for hate…

As your live cockroach or dead rodent, named after your ex, is devoured by San Antonio Zoo animals:

“OK, kids!  It’s time to watch that horrible, nasty cockroach we named after your daddy get killed and eaten!”


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