I’m Considering Disowning My Home State

Recently there’s been a wave of protests in our country about shelter in place and social distancing.

Protesting is a time-honored and important tradition here, and I respect that.

The protest that especially caught my attention occurred on April 15 in my home state, Michigan.  Specifically, in the state’s capital, Lansing.

Here are some pictures:

MI protest_01 larger

mI protest_04 smaller

MI protest_02 smaller

But it was this Lansing image that stayed with me:

Michigan protestors

Apparently, in my home state, it’s legal for your protest to include guns.

Guns that are, I presume, loaded.

I find that sickening.

Here’s what I find particularly sickening – the person on the right:

Michigan protestors cropped

What a coward you are.

You have a legitimate right to protest, and a legitimate reason – you don’t agree with Governor Witmer’s decisions about the coronavirus lockdown.

So why cover your face?

Why the disguise?

Were you there to protest, or because you bought some really cool stuff at Isis Look-Alikes R Us?

Isis (2)

In 2019, the Southern Poverty Law Center tracked 27 hate groups in Michigan.  The groups have names like “Patriot Front,” “American Identity Movement” and “Blood and Honour Social Club.”

Are you a member of one of those?

For sure you’re a member of his team:

trump tweet_01

Map (2)

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