How About A Pause For A Little…

pants cropped croppedThere’s an old saying, “He puts his pants on, one leg at a time.”

It’s a way of saying, “He’s just an ordinary guy, like you and me.”

And for one guy named Will Reeve, the same:  Get up, get dressed for work, including pants, one leg at a time.

But for Reeve, on one particular morning…

No pants.

He went to work with no pants.

Work, in this case, was from home, due to the underwear cropped

So, no big deal.  If you’re working from home, why not sit at your computer in your underwear?  Or pajamas?  Or in nothing at all?

Who cares?

So why did Reeve’s lack of pants make news all across the country?

Reeve is a reporter for ABC, and that morning he was doing a remote from home, a segment on CVS and UPS’ plan to deliver prescriptions using drones.

He’d gotten dressed and then, very efficiently, set up his camera shot, as he didn’t have his own cameraperson.  Nice background, chair in place, everything good to go:

Will cropped

I mentioned that Reeve was efficient.

Because Reeve was going for a workout later, he’d put on his shorts but no pants.  He’d framed his remote for a waist-up shot.  No need to put on pants and then just take them off again, right?

And he was right – until, during his live segment, he shifted a bit, and here’s what millions of viewers saw:

Will Reeve

A hail of headlines followed, like this one:

CNN (2)

And this one:

Oprah (2)

And for reasons that are a mystery to me, the Los Angeles Times felt compelled to include information about Reeve’s parentage:

LA Times (2)

Along with the hail of headlines came a Twitter storm:

TWitter (2)

Reeve, to his credit, did not respond with a Trumpian “I don’t take responsibility at all.”

Instead, he responded with a Tweet of his own:

Tweet (2)

And – again, to his credit – Reeve answered questions with self-deprecating humor:

“I don’t want anyone to think that I don’t respect and love my job, but I’ve had a lot of fun…and I’m a lousy camera operator.”

“I have ARRIVED…in the most hilariously mortifying way possible!”

And when BuzzFeed News emailed Reeve for a comment, Reeve emailed back,

“Let me get dressed and I’ll get back to you soon 😂.”

I share this now because Reeve’s story was mostly a one-day wonder, and mostly got lost in all the attention-grabbing stories that day.

And perhaps that’s too bad.

Because it was light-hearted, and fun, and all in good spirits.

And because, if we’ve ever needed more of that in our lives…


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