If You Look Up “Hard Work” In The Dictionary, There’s Her Picture:

As you can see from the above image, Melania Trump knows how to dress for working ininaugural gown_02 cropped a garden.

Gardening is hard work, and Melania personifies the very meaning of hard work.

For example, back in October 2017, she talked about a “daunting task” that kept her “very busy.”

She was referring to creating her inaugural ball gown (right).

Then there was all Melania’s hard work in 2018, greasing the skids to get her parents permanent residency, green cards, and then citizenship.  Amalija and Viktor Knavs, like Melania, are from Slovenia, and this happened right around the time Melania’s husband was railing against “chain migration,” in which adult American citizens can obtain residency for their relatives:

Trump Tweet (2)

What it took to grease those skids I don’t know, but I’m betting it was hard work.

Then, more recently, there was that very hard work of positioning her hard hat just so, for the best photo ops of the White House’s new “Tennis Pavilion.”  In her tweet you’ll see that she did get her hard had just so, while she thanked the talented team for their “hard work”:

Melania Tweet (2)

Now we circle back to Melania and gardening, to this week, and more hard work for this hard-working woman:

CNN (2)

Renovating the White House Rose Garden which, Melania noted, “The very act of planting a garden involves hard work…”

We’re really talking pedal to the metal.

The White House Rose Garden is located here:

rose map cropped larger

And based on pictures like this:

Rose Garden cropped

And this:

rose_01 smaller

And this:


It looks just fine to me.

So what the hell is all this noise about “renovation” and “renew” and “restore” and “redesign” and “refreshment,” aside from the obvious alliterative value?

Well, apparently Melania has managed to overlook the raging pandemic, and major economic and social upheaval, and focus on something of importance to absolutely no one:

Gives A (2)

Oooh!  Succinct!

According to this official White House statement:

White House (2)

The Rose Garden look Melania is going for will involve “improved infrastructure, better drainage, and a healthier environment for plantings that reduce the risk of leaf blight.”

Our Melania is busy thinking about leaf blight!  Talk about hard work!

And it doesn’t stop there.  Architectural Digest also noted “the addition of two new limestone walkways, electrical upgrades, a new drainage system, the replacement of existing crab apple trees with white rosebushes, and additional white and light pink roses.”

Whew!  Just that last item alone – do you know how many varieties of light pink roses are out there?

I found an article that listed 25!  Just think of the hard work it took for Melania to choose among them – these being just a few examples:

american-beauty-rose-flower ceclie brunner rose larger fantin-latour-rose smaller maiden_s_blush_1_-_500p

We’re talking really working up a sweat here.  I do hope Melania was wearing her MAGA sweatband:

sweatband cropped

So, despite the naysayers…

Tweets (2)

I’m grateful for Melania’s renovating and renewing and restoring and redesigning and refreshment-ing (and her alliteration) for two reasons:

As I understand it, Melania’s hard work will take several weeks, so for a while we’ll be spared this insane person’s Rose Garden rants:

trump in rose garden

While we’re looking forward to the Rose Garden’s new occupant:


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