This Recent Headline Caught My Eye:

The article opens with the statement,

“A growing number of Republican women are sounding the alarm about continuing loss of support for President Trump and the GOP among female voters ahead of the November election, warning that the party is in danger of permanently alienating women if it doesn’t change course.

“Trump’s flailing response to the coronavirus pandemic and his move to inflame nationwide racial tensions are exacerbating an already precarious situation, according to interviews with female Republican lawmakers and GOP pollsters focused on female voters.”

Later on, the article says:

“Once willing to overlook controversies because their families were doing well, the security these voters felt with the booming economy is now gone because of the pandemic, the pollsters say.  Now they are worried about their children, their elderly parents and their livelihoods – and they don’t see Trump as a leader who can protect them.”

Now, isn’t that interesting?

Republican women are turning away from Trump because of how he’s handling the pandemic, economic disaster and social unrest.

Now, and only now, when it’s hitting close to home.

Because the families that “were doing well…”

Aren’t doing so well now.

These Republican women who were “willing to overlook controversies” and gladly voted for Trump in 2016.

Voted for him in November 2016, even though this story got international coverage in October 2016:

2016 Wash Post (2)

Republican women heard Trump say, “I don’t even wait.  And when you’re a star, they let you do it.  You can do anything…Grab ‘em by the pussy.  You can do anything.”

Republican women gladly “overlooked” this controversy.

And the many deplorable things that Trump continued to do to, and say about, women, since the election:



Go back to countries they came from

And the many deplorable things Trump continues to do to, and say about, women – these about Kamala Harris, in the hours after the August 11 announcement of Harris as Biden’s running mate:

Speaking to reporters Tuesday, the president described Harris’s questioning of Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing as “extraordinarily nasty” – “nasty to a level that was just a horrible thing.”

Trump demeaned her as “angry” and “horrible.”

Trump described her as “nasty” or “nastier” four times.

We knew President Trump would come up with a nickname for Kamala D. Harris as soon as Joe Biden named the California senator as his running mate.  “Phony Kamala” is what the president seems to have settled on.

President Trump on Thursday encouraged a racist conspiracy theory that is rampant among some of his followers:  that Senator Kamala Harris, the presumptive Democratic vice-presidential nominee born in California, was not eligible for the vice presidency or presidency because her parents were immigrants.

And this, from Trump’s son:

On Twitter, Eric Trump, one of the president’s sons, favorited a tweet, which was later deleted, that referred to Ms. Harris as a “whorendous pick.”

Trump’s insulting remarks about women are easy to find – if you google “Trump hates women” you get about 12,900,000 results.

Not that Republican women – over these past torturous years while Trump has occupied the White House – would ever bother to google “Trump hates women.”

They didn’t care.

They still don’t care.

You, Republican women, don’t even care that Trump refers to you as “suburban housewives”:

Tweet (2)

But now – when some of you Republican women have tragically lost a loved one to COVID-19.

Only now – when some of you Republican women are stuck at home with your kids, trying to ensure (because their schools are closed) that the kids are getting some semblance of a decent education online.

Only now – when some of you Republican women have lost your jobs, or your partners have lost their job.  Or you’ve both lost your jobs.

Only now, when it’s up close and personal, are you Republican women feeling you “don’t see Trump as a leader who can protect” you.

Well, ladies…

real-world cropped

And you are welcome.

If you’re turning away from Trump, regardless of the reason.

And if you vote Biden/Harris, regardless of your party affiliation.

And if, after Trump is gone on January 20, you’re willing to come together and start trying to bring our country out of the darkness…

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