These Are A Few Of My (Least) Favorite Things

If you remember the movie The Sound of Music then you’ll remember the song, “My Favorite Things.”

Recently that song got stuck in my head, and it was only a matter of time before my least favorite things also started coming to mind.

Here are some of my least favorite things:

hair_06 hair_07 cropped
Hair_05 cropped Hair_02 cropped
arms crossed arms cropped
exec order signing exec order signing_01cropped
Exec order holding cropped exec order signing_02 cropped
long tie cropped long tie_01 cropped
MAGA hat cropped Maga cropped
one finger cropped smaller one finger_02 cropped smaller
trump ok 1 cropped Trump OK 2
Thumb Up One cropped Thumbs Up Two cropped
trump children_02 trump children
Orange Face cropped Orange cropped
trump angry_02 cropped trump angry_01 cropped
trump angry cropped trump angry_03 cropped

One of my favorite things:  June 20, 2020, Trump after his Tulsa rally:

Trump after Tulsa cropped

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