See Peter. Peter Is A…

Trump is fond of describing people with the derogatory term “RINO” – Republican In Name Only.

It’s a term used by Republicans to accuse other Republicans of being insufficiently conservative, and Trump loves using it.

For example…

On the other hand, if Trump looked at this photo…

Trump would smile, point, and say, “That kid?  Now, there’s a RITO.”

RITO:  Republican In Training Often.

Let’s go back and take another look:

You see kids in a classroom, their desks separated by plexiglass dividers.

You see three girls wearing cloth face masks, and a fourth girl wearing a plastic face shield.

Then, at the end of the row…

You see a boy.

No face mask.

No face shield.

This boy is a RITO:  Republic In Training Often.

Let’s call him Peter.

See Peter.

See Peter’s face.

You can see Peter’s face because he isn’t wearing a face mask.

All the other kids are.

But not Peter.

See Peter’s Mom:

Peter’s mom knows that Peter is supposed to wear a face mask to school.

But Peter is a RITO.

Peter’s mom says,

“They’re lying to the masses.  I don’t know anybody who has had coronavirus, I don’t know anybody who knows anybody, and I know a lot of people.

“This is a virus that is very well contained.  Everyone is responsible for their own healthcare decisions… We want our choices respected as well.”

Here’s Peter’s dad:

Peter’s dad knows that Peter is supposed to wear a face mask to school.

But Peter is a RITO.

Peter’s dad says,

“They’re perpetuating a lie.  COVID is a hoax.  It’s a lie.  It’s a political stunt.

“They’re all saying this so that they can make the president look bad, so they can cause the problems they are causing.  It’s about blind obedience and compliance.”

While Peter is in school, his parents attend protests like this:

Peter’s parents have plenty of time to attend protests.

They both lost their jobs due to the COVID pandemic.

The “well-contained” pandemic.

The “hoax,” “lie,” “political stunt” pandemic.

And since we’re talking about school, let’s also remember these innocent bystanders:

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