Have You Met Dirty Louie DeJoy?

On the afternoon of Saturday, September 12 my husband brought in our mail and handed me this postcard, complete with smudges of ink? grease? dirt?

My first thought was, “What is the Post Office wasting money on this time?”

My second thought was, “Dirty Louie DeJoy is screwing with the election again.”

(DeJoy, of course, is a major Trump donor and Trump’s handpicked Postmaster General, in office and wreaking havoc on USPS since early May.)

Then my hub turned on the TV news, and – immediately – we started seeing stories like this:

Wow!  Talk about synergy!

No sooner was that postcard in my hand than a lawsuit is announced against it!

And, it appears, for good reason.

In the lawsuit, filed in Federal District Court, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold stated,

“These false statements will confuse Colorado voters, likely causing otherwise-eligible voters to wrongly believe that they may not participate in the upcoming election.  This attempt at voter suppression violates the United States Constitution and federal statutes and must be stopped immediately.”

What “false statements” is Griswold referring to?  Here’s the five-point checklist other side of the postcard:

At first glance, the checklist looks innocuous enough. 

Here’s what Griswold is suggesting will confuse Colorado voters, according to the 9NEWS story:

  • Colorado voters don’t need to request a ballot because all registered voters receive one by mail.
  • Voters who don’t have a ballot can vote in person.
  • Voters don’t have to mail back their ballots and can return ballots to polling centers or drop-off boxes.

That first bullet – the “request a ballot” could confuse many people since, according to a September 12 article in The New York Times:

“…nine states and the District of Columbia are mailing absentee ballots to every registered voter, making it unnecessary for the voters to request one.”

And though a judge did grant a temporary restraining order, the benefits may prove to be moot – again, according to 9NEWS:

“The Postal Service says these cards have already been delivered to most households and will reach every residential mailing and P.O. Box addresses in the coming week.”

So USPS sent the five-point checklist to all “residential mailing and P.O. Box addresses,” but it appears – for better or for worse – it’s not the last we’ve heard from them on the subject:

“…the omni-channel public information campaign will continue through Election Day to educate the public on the Postal Service’s role in the mail-in ballot process.”

“The campaign includes print, TV and radio ads, direct mail to residential customers, retail signage in Post Office lobbies, social media, and online resources, including the recently launched Election Mail website on usps.com.”

What the campaign won’t include is a different five-point checklist because it’s strictly internal – for USPS employees only.

From that very same Dirty Louie Dejoy:

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