What Will I Post About When Trump Is…

When I started this blog in May 2017 I decided to stay away from the topic of Trump.

My resolve was strong.

I did not talk about Trump.

At all.

I didn’t stay away from politics.  It was so much fun, and so easy, to skewer politicians – Democrats and Republicans – for their bad behavior.

Bad behavior – like financial improprieties, sexual improprieties, political improprieties.

Knowing that not one of them was sorry about their transgression, but they were very, very sorry they got caught.  Like this guy, Cal Cunningham, North Carolina’s Democratic candidate for the Senate:

So politicians were my targets, and government entities, too.

Like NASA, and the U. S. Department of Agriculture, and the Post Office, specifically Louie DeJoy, Trump’s buddy:

And I’ve had a blast, excoriating all of them.

I’ve written about lots of other things, as well – whatever struck my fancy.  I’ve done posts about books I’ve read and movies I’ve watched, and about the many strange and/or funny and/or absurd (I LOVE the absurd) things in our world.

And since I live in California, as most Californians will tell you, our state is an endless source of the strange and/or funny and/or absurd:

But, eventually…

The lure of Trump’s awfulness just became…irresistible.

Trump is SO easy to mock.  On a daily, even hourly basis, he hands us so many ways to mock him, you can’t hope to keep up. 

And in early December 2019 – I did my first Trump blog:

After that, there was no holding back.

In the 10 months since, I’ve done more than 55 posts about Trump, and the Trumps, since I consider his parasitic wife and older children fodder, as well:  the triviality of Melania, the vapidness of Ivanka, the shallowness of Trump Jr, the emptiness of Eric.

And now…

My Trump posts will soon come to an end.

Not soon enough – never soon enough – but soon.

No more writing about Trump’s always-unpresidential behavior, like this recent story:

Or about his self-serving, self-aggrandizing behavior, like this story:

Or about Trump’s lies, the endless lies that he tells and then lies about telling:

Or about his tweets, the endless tweets, especially the ones that Twitter calls him on – way to go, Twitter!

Or about the women who have accused Trump of sexual assault – it’s now at least 26, and counting:

And speaking of women, the often-racist, always-denigrating, always-bullying words Trump uses about women:

And, most recently:

And his repulsive, totally unwarranted braggadocio:

And the unforgiveable, Trump’s legacy:  the blood on Trump’s hands, past, present and to come:

I could on with this list, but I had to stop somewhere.

But – will I miss writing about Trump when he’s gone?

Hell, no.

I’m counting the seconds until…

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