If This Is An Example Of Amy Coney Barrett’s Listening Skills…

If the above image is an example of Amy Coney Barrett’s listening skills, we’re in even worse trouble than I’d thought.

Every health expert in the world – this includes none of Trump’s toadies – is telling us that the best tool we have for reducing the spread of COVID-19 is wearing a face mask.

Apparently Barrett is lacking in listening skills.

So there was ole Amy at her Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week…

Maskless, as above.

Sure, she wore a mask to and from the hearings (pictured), but when she was in front of the TV cameras, answering the committee’s questions?

Nope.  No mask.

Why is that, I wondered?

Did she think her duck-and-dodge answers would be muffled by a mask?

Does she find a mask uncomfortable and/or inconvenient and/or claustrophobic, like so many of us do?

Well, get over it, and get used to it! 

Wearing face masks is how millions of us have lived for months, and there’s no end in sight.

When I’m around people – in the grocery store, for instance – I wear a mask.  And I communicate just fine with whomever I need to. 

Me, masked:  Do you have artichokes today?
Store employee, masked:  Sure do!  Right down there, just past the carrots.

Granted, that dialogue wasn’t Senate Judiciary Committee level, but we were intelligible.  I asked, the employee answered, effective communication occurred.

So why wasn’t Barrett wearing a mask?  She sure as hell was around a lot of people.

And, as the image clearly shows, people nearby were wearing masks:

So it’s too bad about poor ole Amy and her lack of listening skills.

Which, I suspect, will be working just fine when it’s time to…

Kill the Affordable Care Act.

When it’s time to hear cases about a woman’s right to choose, gay rights, immigration, the Census, and possibly the election…

Barrett will be swinging that pendulum so far right she’ll make the Fox Network look like a bunch of antifa-radical-leftist-extremist-commie pinkos:

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