It’s WAY Past Time To Say Goodbye And…

In my November 13 blog post I said goodbye to Melania, and on November 16 I bid Ivanka adieu.

Now I’ll do a group goodbye, and what a group it is.

For an assist I turned to Slate, an online magazine that launched in 1996.  The team there was SO ready for Trump to lose, they had all their goodbyes written and ready to go on November 7, the day Biden was declared President-Elect.

I’ve included excerpts from the Slate articles and other sources to round out my farewells, along with some images:

“Already a devout Republican and unquestionably the most groveling of his offspring, you were exactly the hype man your father needed:  dumb enough to believe whatever Daddy told you, coiffed enough to look halfway decent on cable news, and more than passionate enough about hunting to rub elbows with the red state riffraff.” 

I think that covers it for Jared.

“Pence was made head of the White House’s coronavirus task force, a fittingly Trumpian choice, given that Pence had historically been disastrous on public health.” 

“In just two years, Attorney General William Barr transformed the Department of Justice into a sleazy, third-rate law firm devoted to shielding Donald Trump and his friends from the consequences of their crimes.”

“Pompeo’s rhetoric straddled the line between the self-righteous bombast of the George W. Bush administration and the craven cynicism of the Trump years.  By embedding foreign policy even deeper within the U.S. culture wars, he has done damage to U.S. credibility abroad that will take years to repair.”

“It wasn’t just that you were unqualified to lead America’s educational system, as someone who never worked at a public school, attended a public school, or took out a school loan.  It was that you were the opposite of qualified, an early example of the Trump administration’s elitist disregard for the very role of government agencies themselves.” 

“…the provocateur in chief and petty tyrant of the White House’s anti-immigration crusade…”

Larry, Moe and Curly.  Wait – I mean, Sean Spicer, Sarah Sanders, Kayleigh McEnany.

Giuliani will be remembered for the above:  His November 7 press conference at the Four Seasons – no, not the glitzy hotel, but rather Four Seasons Total Landscaping on the outskirts of Philadelphia.  The best thing to come out of it was the store’s new merchandise, featuring these slogans:

And finally, the BEST goodbye of all…

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