We Started Valentine’s Day In The Best Possible Way:

Like so many people in San Diego County, my husband and I were anxious to get the COVID vaccination.

And like so many people in San Diego County, we couldn’t.

“Supply,” we kept hearing.  “We’re waiting on supplies of vaccines.”

“Contact your healthcare provider,” we kept hearing.

We kept contacting our healthcare provider.

“Supply,” we kept hearing.  “We’re waiting on supplies of vaccines.”

Healthcare providers and the county kept opening vaccination sites, and I kept going online to check all of them.  And when some of the sites were scheduling appointments…

All the appointments were taken.

When you do this every day, day after day, with the same results, it gets frustrating. 

Especially when people I knew outside of San Diego County were getting vaccinated, no problem.

Family in North Carolina.  Friends in Colorado.  Family and friends in Michigan.  And a family member in Northern California, who has the same healthcare provider we do…

She got her first vaccine, and we couldn’t even get an appointment.


Then, on the Thursday evening news, we heard the county was opening a new site the next day.

And the next day I was online at 4am and…and…and…

I was able to schedule two appointments.

My hands – seriously – were shaking. 

I printed our confirmations and kept reading them and rereading them, still not quite believing what I was seeing:

Two appointments at 8:20am on February 14.

When I chose that date, it hadn’t even occurred to me that it was Valentine’s Day.

It turned out that we started Valentine’s Day in the best possible way.

We got vaccinated for ourselves.

We got vaccinated for each other.

We got vaccinated for the safety of others.

Second vaccination appointment on March 7 at 8:20am.

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