See Ted. See Ted Go To Cancun. See Ted Get…

First came this, on February 18…

Cruz got caught.

Then, as any good dad would do, he lied, and threw his daughters under the bus:

Locals made their feelings known in front of Cruz’s home:

In the meantime, word leaked about Cruz’s college roommate being invited on the jaunt to Mexico:

But not the dog:

Cruz then utilized a phony photo op to demonstrate that in addition to being a good dad, he was a good guy, handing out water to suffering Texans:

That was fodder for multiple late night show hosts:

And Twitter:

But the best so far has to be this:

According to the article,

“Adam Jama, of Carrollton, Texas, set up a GoFundMe page for the band to rattle the embattled pol – and have donations go to Texas Children’s Hospital.”


But even a cool Mariachi band couldn’t assuage Mrs. Cruz’s rage…


Heidi Cruz isn’t pissed about leaked texts.

Heidi is pissed big time because she and Ted were – big time:

Looks like Teddy, showing his usual amount of class, is pissed, too:

But then, Teddy’s big on name-calling.  Remember this, during the 2016 presidential campaign?

The article quotes Cruz, referring to Trump:

But then here’s Cruz, in 2020:

So, this is critical:

Let’s all remember all of this, just in case this nightmare happens:

Update February 25: 

When the owners of ABC Party HQ in Dallas, TX were forced to close their store for six days due to last week’s storms, they didn’t stop working.

They got to work making Ted Cruz piñatas.

The 3.5-foot-tall piñata, which sells for $100, depicts the embattled pol wearing the gray polo shirt, jeans, gray sneakers and Texas flag mask he wore on his return trip from Cancun last week:

Christened a “therapy piñata” by a wit on Twitter, and judging by the sales, it appears plenty of people want to line up, sticks in hand, and take a good, hard whack at ole Ted.

And – perhaps – not just for the candy inside.

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