“Dog Days” Take On A New Meaning!

My morning routine:  Start coffee, wake up computer.

On the computer, one of the first things I google is “Biden.”  I want to see our country’s top news stories, and a good place to start is with the president.

Ten headlines appear – the most recent stories – and I scroll through them.

Yesterday morning wasn’t any different as far as my routine, and some of the 10 headlines were as expected – Biden and the COVID relief bill, Biden and immigration, and so on.

But yesterday morning, an identical topic appeared in three of the 10 headlines, in the first, seventh and ninth positions.

And as I looked at those three headlines, I couldn’t help but compare them to headlines from the previous administration.

Here are the three headlines from yesterday:

Three out of the top 10 headlines were about President Biden’s dog biting a security guard.

I couldn’t help but think, “How wonderfully boring.”

And, “What a relief!”

Especially when you compare the dog-bites-security-guard headlines to these, for example:

Trump threatening to make war on North Korea:

Trump threatening to make war on Iran:

Trump threatening to make war on Americans:

After headlines like this, I’ll take dog-bite stories any day.

Every day.

Earlier I used the word “boring” with regards to Biden, and I meant it as a great compliment.

There are many articles that use the words “Biden” and “boring” in the same sentence, like this one:

And I believe those writers mean it as a great compliment, as well.

One writer who put it particularly well was Michael Grunwald, in Politico shortly after the 2020 election:

Here are some excerpts:

“After four years of presidential rage-tweeting, name-calling, gaslighting, race-baiting and all-around norm-breaking, an exhausted electorate decided this week that it was ready to return to politics as usual.”

“Former Vice President Biden ran on a detailed policy agenda, a long record of Washington service, and a poignant narrative of pain and endurance.  But his central promise was more basic: to restore decency, civility, empathy and most of all stability to the White House, so Americans wouldn’t have to think about their president every day, or wake up worrying about his tweets.”

“Biden is an optimist who genuinely sees America as an exceptional nation, a beacon of goodness to the world. He’s corny about his faith in America’s ability to come together and overcome adversity…”

“…America no longer seems to be yearning for a blow-stuff-up guy.  It’s more interested in a put-stuff-back-together guy.

After four years of chaos…

Bring on the dog days!

I’ll take ‘em.

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