Here’s An Old Joke:  What Are The Two Seasons In Michigan?  Answer:

One January day, years ago, my husband and I were hunkered down in our house in Michigan, in front of the TV, trying to warm up after doing way too much of this:

He was flipping through the TV channels, and suddenly – we saw this:

“What is that?” I asked.

I could see it was a golf course, but where?  And how?  How, in the dead of winter, could anywhere look like that?

When you live in Michigan, you tend to forget that not every place in winter is like Michigan in winter:

In Michigan, some people actually look forward to winter, when they can indulge in their favorite pastime:

No, this isn’t an Arctic expedition.

It’s a bunch of people who get together, load up a lot of gear, find a frozen lake, cut holes in the ice, and go ice fishing:

If they don’t freeze to death, they may catch fish, and if so, kneel down on the ice for photo ops to post on Instagram:

But don’t let their smiles fool you – their faces froze that way 12 hours ago.

My husband and I did not like Michigan winters.

And suddenly, there on TV, in January, was a blue sky and green grass and UNfrozen water and people wearing…


We soon learned that we were watching a golf tournament at Torrey Pines Golf Course in San Diego:

And all that blue was the Pacific Ocean.

My husband and I were glued to the golf tournament.  Not the golf itself – neither of us is a fan – but glued to the views.

The TV station did a brief cutaway for a local news update.  Let’s compare and contrast the San Diego reporter’s attire and surroundings…

With this Michigan reporter’s:

Back to the tournament:

It was an epiphanous moment.

Epiphanous definition:  Life changing.

That was the day the hub and I decided we’d had it with Michigan winters.

There were many other contributing factors, of course, but that would be our last Michigan winter.

We left this behind:

We moved to San Diego.

Today, that golf tournament is called…

It was held last Wednesday through Saturday at Torrey Pines Golf Course.

We didn’t watch, but there were stories on the news that prompted some reminiscing:

“Remember when we saw this tournament on TV, back in Michigan?”
“Yes!  And all we could look at were those blue skies and the ocean and…”

OK:  I know, everyone knows, that San Diego isn’t all blue skies and ocean.

We have many challenges including…

But we don’t have this:

And yes, we miss our families in Michigan.

But we wait until summer to visit.

Michigan weather, January 28:

San Diego weather, January 28:

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