I’m Going To Have A LaughFest And…

I think some things never go out of style, and laughter is one of them.

I like to laugh.

I love to laugh.

I love to snigger, and snort, and giggle.

Chuckle, chortle, and guffaw.

And there’s something that’s guaranteed to make me laugh, but…

It has gone out of style.

And guess what?

I don’t care.

These days, I’ll take my laughs anyway I can get them, as long as they’re not at someone else’s expense.

What is that out-of-style-but-makes-me-laugh thing?

Definition:  Any word that doesn’t appear in the dictionary, but should.

I don’t recall when I first encountered sniglets, but I soon realized that when I wanted a guaranteed laugh, to just go online and google them.

And oh – how I laugh.  Sometimes to tears.

Let’s get started with a few, just to get warmed up:

Furbling:  Having to wander through a maze of ropes at an airport or bank even when you’re the only person in line.

Lactomangulation:  Manhandling the “open here” spout on a milk carton so badly that one has to resort to using the “illegal” side.

Slackjam:  The condition of being trapped in one’s own trousers while trying to pull them off without first removing shoes.

Are you snickering?

You can see how old this sniglet is – “20¢ stamps,” 1981!

Maybe even…chuckling?

I am. 

Even after repeated readings, sniglets still make me laugh.

But – why did I say sniglets are out of style?

Because they originated 1980s, and that’s SO last century.  (See coffee mug.)

During the ‘80s on HBO, in the comedy Not Necessarily the News, a guy named Rich Hall came up with the word “sniglets” – and the sniglets as well.  Singlets became so popular that Hall went on to write five sniglets books, a daily panel in newspaper like this one…

…and create a sniglets game and calendars. 

Hall inspired people to create their own sniglets, and they challenged others to do the same.

Like these:

Destinesia:  When you get to where you were intending to go, but forget why you were going there in the first place.

Brakenoia:  The act or urge of stepping on the brake on the passenger side of the car.

Afterclap:  The last person who claps after everyone else has stopped.

Chairdrobe:  Piling clothes on a chair in place of a closet or dresser; see also floordrobe.

Profanitype:  Symbols used by cartoonists to replace swear words.

Cheedle:  The residue left on one’s fingertips after consuming a bag of Cheetos.

In my research I learned that a sniglet is a neologism, “a newly coined word or expression” like webinar, malware and blogosphere.

And I got inspired to create a newly coined word:

Blinkerblind:  Turning a corner in your car and then failing to notice that your blinker is still on.

I also learned – hurrah! – that sniglets aren’t as out-of-date as I’d thought!

Here are some more recent additions:

Textpectation:  The anticipation felt when waiting for a response to a text.

Unlightening:  Learning something that makes you dumber.

Columbusing:  When white people claim to have discovered something that’s been around for years, decades or centuries.

And some creatives are concocting pandemic-related sniglets:

Pajamaflauge:  The article of clothing you keep by your computer to hide the fact you are still wearing your pajamas.

Zoomkeeping:  Cleaning only the parts of your house visible behind you when your webcam is turned on.

Zoomgloom:  Extreme and unending videoconference fatigue.

Coronarage:  The feeling when every giant corporate entity insists “We’re all in this together” when in fact you are home alone in your apartment.

Maskectomy:  Ripping your mask off your face as soon as you get into your car.

Forgetties:  Sort of like memories, but you want to forget them.

I’d be hard pressed to single out my favorite sniglet – my spellcheck hates them, but I love them all.

But I am especially fond of this one, probably because – I’ll admit it here, for the first time ever – I have done this:

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