Happy Anniversary To…Me!

During the month of May I’ve been celebrating an anniversary:

My fifth anniversary of blogging.

When I started in May 2017, if someone had told me I’d still be at it five years later, I wouldn’t have believed them.

Yet…here I am…

…In my 690th blog post.

Prior to May 2017, I’d never considered blogging.  I’d spent no time reading blog posts.  I knew millions of people had blogs, and I couldn’t think of one good reason to become another one.

Then a work colleague mentioned she had a blog, and gave me the address.

I went…I saw…I got it.

That one good reason:

Blogging could be fun.

And it has been.

I get to write, a lot.  I get to choose to make the post long or short (rarely the latter); I get to choose or create images, do the layout, change the layout, change some text, and when I’m satisfied with what I’ve done…

And if nobody reads it, or if somebody reads it and likes it, or somebody reads it and doesn’t like it…

I’m OK with all of the above.

Because I’m having fun.

And at the same time, I’m researching and learning – about people and politics and geography and history and medical news and so much more.  My blog doesn’t have a theme, like books or recipes or relationships, so I write about anything I want to.

I like researching and writing about serious subjects, but sometimes I’ll realize that the topic is way too big and complicated for me to try and tackle – like the war in Ukraine.  So I leave that subject to wiser heads than mine.

I often write about the absurd behavior of some humans.

I love the absurd.

Like the post I did about Florida woman who hid an alligator in her pants; she’d captured it illegally, and was trying to conceal it from the police.

And the TV show Dr. Pimple Popper.  Yes, it’s even worse than it sounds.

And this bunch – they provided endless grist for my absurdity mill:

May those horrible days never come again.

So – I’ve been blogging five years this month.

How much longer?

I figure blogging is like shopping:

I figure I’ll blog…

Till it’s a…

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