See Trump.  See Trump Headlines.  See Trump Sweat.

Truly – I am not one to wish a person ill.

But – I make one exception.


May was an exceptionally good month for bad headlines for Trump.

I was not unhappy to see them:

May 3:

“The Trump Organization and the Presidential Inaugural Committee will pay a total of $750,000 to settle with the Washington, DC attorney general’s office over allegations they misspent money raised for former President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

“The Trump Organization will pay $400,000 and the PIC will pay $350,000, according to a person familiar with the settlement.  As part of the deal, the money will be directed to two DC nonprofits, DC Action and Mikva Challenge DC, the DC attorney general’s office said.”

May 11:

“Former U.S. President Donald Trump must pay a $110,000 fine and meet other conditions to purge a contempt of court order over his failure to comply with a subpoena in a civil probe into his business practices by New York state’s attorney general, a judge said on Wednesday.”

May 12:

“The Department of Justice has opened a grand jury investigation related to former President Donald Trump’s alleged mishandling of classified documents, following the revelation in February that he had brought boxes of documents home to his Mar-a-Lago estate when he left the White House.

“At least one subpoena has been issued to the National Archives, and interview requests have been made to some former aides who were with Trump during his last days in office, sources familiar with the matter told ABC News.”

May 25:

“Former President Donald Trump’s crusade for vengeance suffered two devastating blows after Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger won their primaries Tuesday despite rejecting Trump’s entreaties to reverse his 2020 election loss.

“It’s a huge warning sign for the way Republican voters view the former president’s crusade to punish those who were not willing to overturn the will of the voters in 2020.”

May 26:

“They’re weary of the incessant conflicts.  The inability to get past the 2020 election results. An endorsement strategy seemingly driven by a bruised and restless ego, rather than the party’s best interests.

“Channeling growing fatigue among rank-and-file Republicans, some of the GOP’s best-known heavyweights are increasingly defying former President Donald Trump in the wake of internecine conflicts from Georgia to Pennsylvania.

“Bold-face Republican names have never been so comfortable crossing Trump as in recent weeks.  Former President George W. Bush, former Vice President Mike Pence, and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie were among those lending aid and comfort to one of Trump’s top enemies, Gov. Brian Kemp, in Georgia’s Tuesday primary.”

May 26:

“A court has ruled that former President Trump and his children, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr., are obligated to testify under oath in New York state’s investigation into the Trump Organization’s financial dealings, state Attorney General Letitia James announced Thursday.”

“Trump’s potential testimony could be used against him in the criminal probe conducted by the Manhattan district attorney, AP reports.”

May 27:

“In the latest legal blow to Donald J. Trump, a federal judge on Friday dismissed a lawsuit the former president filed that sought to halt the New York attorney general’s civil investigation into his business practices.

“The ruling, in federal court in Albany, was Mr. Trump’s second defeat related to the investigation in two days.”

“The ruling clears the way for Letitia James, the New York attorney general, to complete her civil investigation into Donald J. Trump in the coming weeks or months.”

May 27:

“Raffensperger, top aides among those who will answer questions behind closed doors”

“The Fulton County District Attorney’s wide-ranging criminal investigation into efforts to overturn Georgia’s 2020 presidential election is heating up, weeks after the seating of a special purpose grand jury with subpoena power.”


I would be remiss if I didn’t include some of the information from this article, updated on May 12:

“On both the criminal and civil litigation fronts, former President Donald Trump faces a bevy of lawsuits and investigations, with more cases likely to follow.”

E. Jean Carroll Defamation and Federal Tort Claims Act Litigation:
Carroll is suing Trump for defamation after he publicly accused her of fabricating a rape allegation against him.  The parties are currently involved in an appeal before the Second Circuit, where Trump (and so far, the Justice Department as well) is arguing that he had official immunity from Carroll’s defamation claim under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA).

Mary Trump Fraud Litigation:
Mary Trump is suing Donald Trump for defrauding her out of millions of dollars in an inheritance dispute.  The suit is pending in New York state court, where the parties are currently battling over former President Trump’s move to dismiss the case.
Update:  On September 21, 2021 Donald Trump filed a related lawsuit against Mary Trump, the New York Times, and several of its reporters.

Doe v. The Trump Corporation Class Action:
A group of anonymous plaintiffs have filed a class action against the Trump family and their business, alleging that the Trumps used their brand to scam investors into paying for worthless business opportunities.  The district court denied the Trumps’ bid to force the case into arbitration, and the Trumps are now appealing.

Reps. Karen Bass, et al. Incitement Suit for January 6 Capitol Attack:
Ten members of the House of Representatives, represented by the NAACP, are suing Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and two rightwing militia groups for conspiring to forcibly prevent Congress from counting the Electoral College votes on January 6.
Update:  On February 18, 2022 the district court denied Trump’s motion to dismiss the § 1985 claim against him.

Eric Swalwell Incitement Suite for January 6 Riots:
On March 5, 2021 Representative Eric Swalwell sued Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump Jr., and Congressman Mo Brooks in federal court over the January 6 riots.  Swalwell alleges that the defendants violated federal civil rights laws – including the Ku Klux Klan Act – when they conspired to interfere with the Electoral College Count on January 6.  Beyond that, Swalwell also says the defendants should be held liable for negligently violating DC criminal codes on incitement, encouraging the rioters’ violent conduct, and intentionally inflicting emotional distress on members of Congress.
Update:  On February 18, 2022 the district court denied Trump’s motion to dismiss the claims under § 1985, negligence per se, DC anti-bias law, and aiding and abetting assault.  The court granted Trump’s request to dismiss the § 1986, emotional distress, and negligence claims.

Capitol Police Suit for January 6 Riots:
Two Capitol Police officers – both on duty during the January 6 insurrection – sued Donald Trump for injuries they sustained while protecting the Capitol.  Both allege that the rioters physically attacked them with fists, chemical spray, and other weapons.  They allege that the former president, by his incendiary words and conduct, directed the physical attack and emotional distress.
Update:  On February 18, 2022 the district court denied Trump’s motion to dismiss the claims under § 1985, directing and aiding and abetting assault, and negligence per se.  The court granted Trump’s motion to dismiss the emotional distress, punitive damages, and civil conspiracy claims.

Second Capitol Police Suit for January 6 Riots:
A second group of Capitol Police officers filed suit against Trump, the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, and other affiliates involved in allegedly planning and executing the January 6 riots.  The seven officers claim that they were physically and emotionally injured by attackers that Trump instigated, and that Trump and his co-defendants conspired to disrupt congressional business in the certification of electoral votes.

Third Capitol Police Suit over the January 6 Riots:
A third suit was filed by a Capitol Police officer alleging that physical and emotional injuries he suffered were caused by Trump’s inciting the January 6 riot.  The complaint alleges that Trump directed, aided and abetted, and conspired to incite the riot.

Metropolitan Police Suit over the January 6 Riots:
Two Metropolitan Police Officers filed suit alleging that physical and emotional injuries they suffered were caused by Trump’s inciting the January 6 riot.  The complaint alleges that Trump directed, aided and abetted, and conspired to incite the riot.  The officers seek compensatory and punitive damages.

NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund Voting Rights Case for Post-Election Actions:
The LDF is suing Trump, the Trump Campaign, and the RNC for their efforts to overturn the 2020 election in violation of the Voting Rights Act and the Ku Klux Klan Act.  While the litigation is still at its early stages, Trump faces damages and a declaratory judgment that he did indeed violate these provisions of the law.

Scotland Unexplained Wealth Orders:
In February 2021, the Scottish Parliament voted to reject an investigation into unexplained cash transactions executed by the Trump Organization’s Scottish golf courses.  A non-profit group is now challenging that decision in Scottish court.

Trump Tower Assault Suit:
A group of six protesters are suing Trump over allegations that Trump’s security guards assaulted them outside Trump Tower in 2015.  The case is pending in New York state court.
Update:  On October 18, 2021 former President Trump sat for a four-hour deposition to answer questions about the incident.

Michael Cohen Retaliatory Imprisonment Suite:
Michael Cohen – Donald Trump’s former attorney who served a three-year sentence for Trump-related crimes – is suing Trump, the U.S. government, and other officials for allegedly retaliating against Cohen after he announced a tell-all book detailing his years of legal work for Trump.  Cohen alleges that, after the announcement, Trump and his co-defendants retaliated by trying to bar Cohen from using social media and by sending Cohen back to prison from home confinement.

Westchester, New York Criminal Investigation of Trump Organization Golf Course:
The Westchester District Attorney’s Office reportedly launched an investigation which probes, at least in part, whether the Trump Organization misled local officials on the property values of its golf course in order to reduce its taxes.

Trump is not invulnerable.

Even Superman has his kryptonite…

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