Father’s Day:  A Brief But Heartfelt Tribute

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19, and I use this opportunity to take special note of a family member who’s the father of two, and a man who’s clearly interested in being a good role model for his children:

Doesn’t this image just warm your heart?

Father and sons together, bonding, sharing the fun of killing.

With a gun.

Or perhaps it was “guns” – I expect by this age, Dad has bought his boys their own guns.

That’s what a loving father does, right?

I can envision the three of them together, moving quietly and carefully through the woods on a crisp fall day – and then…

Spotting their prey!

Dad shouts, “Kill it!  Hurry up!  Kill it!”

And one son, or the other, or maybe both, take aim and shoot and kill.

Dad is proud.

The boys are proud.

And America’s love affair with guns
Is passed from a father to his sons.

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