Trump Wants “Equal Time” And I Want Him To Have It:

For the first time EVER, I agree with Donald Trump.

I want him to have “equal time.”

Equal time with Al Capone:

In October 1931, gangster Al Capone was sentenced to 11 years in prison for tax evasion.  

Equal time with Harvey Weinstein:

In March 2020, movie producer Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison for sex crimes against women.

Equal time with Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman (“the blind sheikh”):

In October 1995, Abdel-Rahman was convicted of seditious conspiracy and sentenced to life in solitary confinement.  He died in federal prison in 2017.

Yes, I want Trump to have equal time:

11 years in prison.
23 years in prison.
Life in prison.

Served consecutively.

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