This Story Says A Lot About Our Values…But I’m Not Sure What

The other night I was half-listening to a story on the evening news about a cat in an animal shelter and the couple who rescued it.

The cat, variously described as “sad and depressed” and, “chubby-cheeked and sad-eyed” with a “heartbreaking expression…”

…is named Fishtopher.

Again, I was only half-listening, but then something at the end of the story caught my full attention:

“Fishtopher, whose Instagram profile has more than 29,000 followers…”

A cat’s Instagram has more than 29,000 followers?

A profile the new owners only started on November 26, 2022?

When I heard this, I couldn’t help but wonder about our values.

Values that prompt more than 29,000 people to become Instagram cat followers.

 While – for example – my hometown library…

Has less than 2,500 Instagram followers.

I’m comparing apples to oranges, you say?

I don’t think so.

I think it says something about our values…

I’m just not sure what it says.

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