Trump’s Latest Rip-Off Features “Really Incredible Amazing ART Of My Life & Career!”

There are stories making the rounds that, following Trump’s November 15 announcement that he’s running for president, what we’re seeing is…

“Four weeks after declaring his 2024 White House bid, former President Trump appears to be a candidate in name only.”

“Since then, Trump has not held any formal campaign events. He has not traveled to early voting states, made any major staffing announcements or done much of anything to scare off would-be rivals.”

I think otherwise.

I think Trump’s advisers decided that since their presidential campaign efforts in 2020 were a dismal failure, they’d revamp their strategy as follows:

No more traveling around the country for rallies, no more media interviews, no more presidential debates.

The new strategy is:

Trump Sits on His Lard Ass at Mar-a-Lago and Makes Headlines

Here’s what I mean.

Since Trump’s candidacy announcement on November 15…

Step #1:  The Trump dinner on November 22:

Step #2:  The Trump declaration on December 3:

Talk about headlines!

And last Thursday, a true pièce de resistance:

Step #3:  December 15:

“Mr. Trump announced an online store to sell $99 digital trading cards of himself as a superhero, an astronaut, an Old West sheriff and a series of other fantastical figures.  He made his pitch in a brief, direct-to-camera video in which he audaciously declared that his four years in the White House were ‘better than Lincoln, better than Washington.’”

Talk about strategy!

But first, the Trump team set the stage:  On December 14, Trump made an announcement that he was going to be making a “major announcement” on December 15:

“Donald Trump shared a bizarre video depicting himself as a ‘superhero’ on his social media platform Truth Social in which he teased a ‘major announcement.’

“The announcement is set to be made on Thursday, 15 December, according to the video posted by the former president on Wednesday.”

The video included this image:

“‘America needs a superhero,’ Mr. Trump says in the footage before an animated image of him wearing a superhero outfit with the letter ‘T’ on his chest appears as beams of light stream from his eyes.”

But, says this article:

“The Truth Social post on Wednesday didn’t give any hints about what Mr. Trump would announce.”

Strategic, yes? 

Not so much as a hint from Trump of what was to come.

Attention – and speculation – was widespread!

Would Trump’s “major announcement” involve something about the Speaker race playing out among House Republicans?  Would he offer solutions for ending the war in Ukraine, ending food insecurity, and ending inflation?

Or perhaps, as politics correspondent Bess Levin at Vanity Fair speculated:

“Would he be letting people know that after giving it a lot of time and thought, he’d come to the realization that his time in office was net negative on humanity, and that he would be both suspending his campaign and retreating to an out-of-the-spotlight life in the country?

“That he was ready to take responsibility for January 6 and whatever legal repercussions that come with doing so?

“That he’d been quietly volunteering at a local soup kitchen since leaving the White House and it had really opened his eyes to how the other half lives, and also taught him that small acts of kindness can have big impacts?”

Alas, it was none of the above.

Instead, Trump’s “major announcement” on December 15 was this:

The New York Times article suggested that…

“…Mr. Trump’s direct pitch for the trading cards underscored how secondary his campaign for president has seemed to his personal efforts over the last month.”

Au contraire, New York Times.

Trump is campaigning for president, intensely but subtly.

Subtly – something Trump is well-known for.

For example, says,

Those clever Trump advisors know that everyone will want to “instantly become part of a new league of collectors” – and Trump voters!

Then there’s this:

I’ll get a “rare collectible” and I’ll be entered into a sweepstakes? 

Wow!  What can I win?

They’re glad you asked!  Here’s just a sampling of what you could win!

“Memorable”!  “Luxurious”!  “Unforgettable”!  “Exclusive”!

Clearly, Trump’s digital trading cards will draw in his entire base and add millions to it!

Let’s see…buy 45 trading cards at $99 each, that’s…$4,455…

Hmmm.  That’s a lot of money, especially since, as Trump’s website puts it:

“No inherent monetary value.”

So, what are you getting for all that money?

Trading cards that you cannot hold in your hand, or spread out on your table and admire.

Trump’s trading cards are NFTs – non-fungible tokens.

As I said in a post a year ago, when Melania Trump launched her own worthless NFT:

“A non-fungible token is a piece of data verifying that you have ownership of a digital item, such as a piece of artwork.”

“A digital item means it exists electronically and has no physical presence.”

So when you purchase an NFT, you’ve purchased an electronic thing that says you own another electronic thing.

But – that’s all part of the Trump advisors’ subtlety strategy.

And so is this, from the New York Times:

“…Mr. Trump’s campaign won’t earn any money from the digital cards…Money from the digital cards will instead be pocketed by Mr. Trump under a licensing deal…”

By giving the appearance that he’s not raising money for his campaign, Trump could raise tons of money for his campaign!

And we know this because allegedly Trump’s digital trading cards…

“Former President Trump’s digital trading cards have sold out less than 24 hours after he first announced they were available.

“As of Friday morning, the site selling the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) says they are sold out, and links to purchase the digital cards are no available.”

“OpenSea Data, which tracks the sales and markets for NFTs, indicated there were 45,000 of the Trump cards initially made available for purchase for $99 each.”

Let’s see…buy 45,000 trading cards at $99 each, that’s…$4,455,000.

That’s a nice piece of change for a guy who’s campaigning for president by sitting on his lard ass at Mar-a-Lago.

Big money, but not for actual, physical trading cards you can hold in your hand…

And…maybe…here’s an idea…

Play Go Fish with.

You know – Go Fish?

Where you’re dealt some cards and you take turns asking the other player, “Do you have any aces?” or whatever card, and if the other player does, they have to give you all their aces or whatever, and if they don’t have any, they say, “Go fish!” and you draw a card from the pile:

If Trump’s cards were real cards – and if Trump were anything remotely resembling a real human with a moral compass – you could hold the cards and play with the cards and ask, “Do you have any Trump Cowboys?” and, “Do you have any Trump Super Heroes?”

And win Go Fish Trump!

Let’s go back to that The Hill article from December 16 that said,

“OpenSea Data, which tracks the sales and markets for NFTs, indicated there were 45,000 of the Trump cards initially made available for purchase for $99 each.”

“Made available for purchase.”

Not “were sold.”

And this:

“…the site selling the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) says they are sold out…”

Oh…the site says they’re “sold out”?

So we have only Trump’s word that the cards were sold out?

And just because the “links to purchase the digital cards are no longer available” doesn’t mean they were sold out.

It doesn’t take a marketing genius to know that the greatest way to create a demand for something is to tell us we can’t have it.

Plus, we know that Trump is the biggest liar who ever lived:

So I’m doubting the veracity of the site’s claim that Trump’s digital cards are “sold out.”

And I’m doubting that this digital card enterprise is anything but a trashy, keep-Trump-in-the-headlines-while-stroking-his-ego ploy.

Here is my wish:  This will join the list of Trump’s failed businesses.

Trump is a person with many failed businesses, as recounted in this May 2022 article:

I’ve rearranged the list into bullets to make for easier reading:

  • The Trump Taj Mahal, which was built and owned by President Trump, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1991.
  • The Trump Plaza, the Trump Castle, and the Plaza Hotel, all owned by President Trump at the time, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1992.
  • Trump Hotel & Casino Resorts, which was founded by Trump in 1995, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2004.
  • Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc., the new name given to Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts after its 2004 bankruptcy, declared bankruptcy in 2009.
  • Trump Shuttle, Inc.
  • Trump University
  • Trump Vodka
  • Trump Mortgage, LLC
  • (travel website)
  • Trump Steaks

The list creators noted,

“The foregoing does not purport to be an exhaustive list.”

They’re darn right the “foregoing” is not “an exhaustive list.”

Among others, they forgot these failures:

And finally…

The Washington Post headline at the top of this post…

Referred to Trump’s digital cards as “laughably bad.”

And they are.

Or so I thought, until I happened across one of Trump’s digital cards that I hadn’t seen on the website.

This one – a perfect example of Trump’s total disrespect for our country, his nonstop narcissism, and his enormous megalomania…

This one is absolutely unacceptable:

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