Rant: Lies, Lies And More Lies

People tell all sorts of work-related lies. lie_03

Candidates lie to interviewers.  Interviewers lie to candidates.  Employees lie to managers.  Managers lie to employees.

And CEOs lie to everybody.

Here are three big lies you hear all the time:

  1. We absolutely do not anticipate any layoffs.
  2. Our organization truly does care about work/life balance.

And the biggest lie of all:

  1. Do what you love and the money will follow.

Lie #3 came to mind while I was reading an article by Scott Mautz, CEO of Profound Performance, an appropriate company name since the article is full of work-related profundities.  Examples:

  • Be clear on what you want and proactive in making it so.
  • Pursue the life and career that you want, not that someone else expects of you.  Thislie_02 cropped is the key to having a truly meaningful, fulfilling career and life.
  • Let desire to serve your authentic self drive your actions.

You’ll see a common thread between these thoughts and Lie #3:  If you’re thrilled working at your organization, and performing work that gives you constant warm fuzzies, then you’ll love, love, love it and make lots, lots, lots of money.

I decided to count how many people I’ve known, currently know, and ever expect to know that fit this description, and so far it’s…zero cropped


The ideas of doing “what you love,” pursuing the “life and career you want” and “serving your authentic self” are absurd.  First of all, no employer cares if your “authentic self” shows up or not, as long as you’re on time, productive and efficient.

Second, the only reason we show up is because they pay us to, not because we find the work “fulfilling.”um no

If you don’t believe me, look for someone who says they love what they do.  If you can find one, ask if they love it so much they’d work for free.  Answer:

“Um, well…wait.  Um, did you say ‘for free’?  Gee, I don’t know, I…well, um…no.”

auto_workers_02So I’d like to encourage Mr. Mautz to step away from that rarefied atmosphere he lives in and talk to people in the real world, like our 18 million healthcare workers, our 12 million factory workers and our 500,000 teachers.

People who are too busy trying to support their families and make ends meet to spend time thinking about themselves, much less their “authentic selves.”

If you can’t find one of these 30,000,000+ workers, then talk to this guy.

I’ll bet he’d love to share about “serving his authentic self”:


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