See Dick And Jane Learn A New Word!

See Dick and Jane.island_01

Dick and Jane are on their way.

Dick and Jane are on their way to their dream vacation:

A much-anticipated trip to a tropical island.

A tropical island far, far away.

A tropical island with white sandy beaches.

And swaying palm trees.

And cool ocean breezes.

And WiFi.

And cell phone connection.

Because Dick and Jane must….

Stay-Connected-top cropped_01

Dick and Jane wouldn’t ever, ever dream of going anywhere without staying connected.

Even on a dream vacation.

Dick and Jane are learning the new word for this:

workation_07 cropped

Dick and Jane are going on workation.

Because Dick and Jane must stay connected to their jobs.

So along with their swimsuits, sunscreen and sun glasses, Dick and Jane are bringing devices pile oftheir laptops, iPads and smart phones.

And lots of device chargers.

And lots of batteries.

You see, Dick and Jane are afraid.

They are very, very afraid.

Dick and Jane are very, very afraid that if they don’t stay connected to work, someone will think they are dispensable.

Someone will think they aren’t dedicated.

Someone will get fired.

workationSo Dick and Jane have been doing their research.

Lots and lots of research.

About how to have a successful workation.

They’ve read books and online articles.

Lots and lots of books and online articles.

They’ve learned how to keep track of time zones so they don’t miss important meetings.

And keep track of what day it is, so they don’t miss important deadlines.unpaid

And keep track of how many hours they work, even though they aren’t getting paid for it.

When Dick and Jane return home, they’ll tell everyone what a wonderful time they had.

They’ll post pictures on Facebook of white sandy beaches and swaying palm trees.

They won’t post a picture of Dick’s panic attack when the cell phone call with his boss was dropped. man cell phone call dropped_01
They won’t post a picture of Jane’s meltdown when her boss called in the middle a romantic tryst with Dick. woman on phone.jpg

And they won’t think about all the fun things they couldn’t do on their workation because…

They were workationing.

Workation print screen.jpg

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