Survey Says…A Whole Lot Of Employers Are A Whole Lot Afraid

For the sixth straight year our daily newspaper just announced it’s “taking nominations for the Top Workplaces in the county.”  Ours is a county of about three million people, and anyone – employees and others – can nominate an employer.

The process is as follows:

Timeline darker.jpg

The part of the process that intrigues me actually happens between Step #1 and Step #2 but isn’t shown on this image.

This is when the survey company contacts the nominated companies, agencies and institutions.  Those that agree to participate provide email lists of their employees to the survey company, which in turn emails the surveys to the employees.

In 2017, according to the article, “914 organizations were nominated and 77 agreed to participate.”

Let’s look at that again:

Employees/others nominated 914 organizations.whats up with that

Only 77 agreed to participate.

That’s a mere 8.4%.

That means 837 organizations declined allowing their employees the opportunity to fill out a survey about their organization.

That’s a whopping 91.6%

What the hell is up with that?

Further into the article I learned that this lack of participation is “partly because employers who think they might be criticized by their workers choose not to participate.”

ah ha moment croppedAh-ha moment.

So 91.6% of the employers nominated were so afraid of being criticized by their employees that they said “No” to participating.

Could that 91.6% be extrapolated to encompass the whole county?  The whole country?

I say “Yes.”

I say a whole lot of employers are a whole lot afraid.


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