STOP! Before You Plan Your Vacation – This Could This Be Your Next…

Forget tropical beaches, European castles and Disneyland.

I’m going to show you your next vacation destination.

With this caveat:

I’m not a roughing-it kind of person, so I may be a tad biased.

And my idea of the Great Outdoors is what I can see from my living room window. woman window cropped
But awhile back I was reading Sunset Magazine and glanced at an article, The West’s Best Cabins. sunset
Not because I’m interested in cabins, the “West’s Best” or otherwise, but because I was in the mood for a good laugh, and I found it: LOL
Steep Ravine cabins, located in a state park… SR Cabins_01 cropped larger
on the coast north of San Francisco. Map (2) with arrow
Sunset assured me that I would love Steep Ravine. You'll love Steep Ravine
Clearly, they didn’t know with whom they were dealing. Woman-couch-potato
And I can assure you that getting anywhere with the word “steep” in it is not on my Bucket List. Steep_02 larger
But if you’re a camper, once you arrive at Steep Ravine Cabins – and isn’t that an inviting landscape – Scenery
the park thoughtfully provides you with a wheel barrow to carry your stuff… Wheel Barrow larger cropped larger
to your rustic cabin.  “Rustic” means… cabin
…no electricity.  No water.  No bathroom. No Electricity (2)
That means no stove, no fridge, and no ice for Happy Hour. No stove fridge happy hour (2)
There’s also no cell phone service.  But there are mountain lions that would like to invite you to dinner. mountain lion cropped
Inside your cabin, instead of beds there are sleeping platforms. Bed
There are windows in the cabin, but if you want any privacy, bring sheets to cover the windows. sheets on window cropped larger
Inside there’s a place to hang clothes – but bring your own hangars. hangers pile
Inside are also mice; according to one visitor, “I caught 14 before I finally gave up and stopped setting traps, many mice
and stuck some earplugs in my ears so I wouldn’t hear them. hands over ears
I found droppings each morning.” mouse droppings
To compensate, there’s that view out the windows, if you bring your own squeegee to clean the windows. squeege cropped
Of course, if you know the coast of Northern California, you know that most of the time your view looks like this. fog_05 larger
Outside your cabin there is “space for chairs by the barbecue” – but bring your own chairs. barbecue cropped larger
Outside are also two unisex bathrooms Outside bathroom
with no shower, no hot water, and no electricity. outdoor bathroom (2)
That makes using the bathroom in the middle of the night – and who doesn’t? – a particular adventure. flashlight004zk4
Watch out for those mice! mice_02
So, while I’m inclined to agree with the visitors who said… Sucks (2)
I’d say the California State Parks system attempted the absurd and achieved the impossible: state parks icon
They took over some crappy, old cabins… cabins_01 cropped cropped
in a lousy location… danger
with no amenities, not even a squeegee, Multi images (2)
and somehow convinced people it was a cool place to go. You'll love Steep Ravine
Today you’ll pay $100 per night for a Steep Ravine Cabin. 100
And there’s a waiting list of six months. six months

i'll get right on that cropped fixed

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