Sometimes I Can Be…

For a number of years, on its last page Time magazine has published a 10 Questions interview with someone they consider, well…Time-worthy.

time multipleI usually read this article, and one October day five years ago I reached that last page and began reading.

At first, I didn’t recognize the person being interviewed.  But I was barely into the article and already thinking, “Who is this twit?”  When I finally realized who I was reading about, I was inspired to write a response.

The person featured in the interview was author Elizabeth Gilbert, who in 2014 was promoting her new book, The Signature of All Things.  Ms. Gilbert has a new book due out in June, so it seemed like an appropriate time to revisit my response:

Dear Ms. Gilbert:

I read your 10 Questions interview in the October 14 issue of Time.  Time Mag Page cropped
I also heard your interview on NPR, so I’m inferring that you’re doing an author’s tour, which I understand has become an event… radio
As rare as a Loch Ness Monster sighting. Loch Ness
Of course, your status as an author of – well, status – is without doubt. Best-Seller-Xparent-No-Amazonf---Copy--2----Copy
According to Wikipedia, your book Eat, Pray, Love spent something like seven million weeks on the best seller list… eat pray larger
And was made into a movie starring Julia Roberts.

Talk about status!

And you were included on a Time 100 list the of most influential people in the world – time cover
not just the United States, mind you, but the world world
along with other movers and shakers like Sarah Palin, Sara Palin
and Larry the Cable Guy. Larry
With regards to the Time article, I couldn’t help but notice – and can’t help but comment on – the following: Time Mag Page cropped

Your statement:  “I was late [to this interview] because my hairdresser wanted to tell me about…”


Time late to interview larger arrow
Ms. Gilbert, regardless of your status, it is not OK to be late – to an interview, a lunch date… pointing to watch cropped
A sighting of the Loch Ness Monster. Loch Ness
It’s a tacky power play sending the message that you’re more important than the person you kept waiting. you're tacky_01 cropped
And you kept Time magazine waiting.  Who’s next? question mark
The Pope? pope
Your sweater:  It looks like you were on your way out the door and thought, “Gosh, I need a sweater. Gilbert sweater
“Oh, look, here’s the pile of stuff I’ve been meaning to give to Goodwill for the past eight months.  I’ll just dig down here and… A vendor sells secondhand cloths at a stall in the busy Gikomba market in Nairobi
“Oh, that beige thing!  Perfect!” Gilbert sweater
Your frock: Gilbert dress
Wow, is that an actual A-Line from the late 60s?  Judging by its lack of style and shape I’m guessing…Yes! DR841-black_alaskine_1960s_mod_sleeveless_cocktail
Your knees:  Are ugly.  We women reach a point when it may be prudent not to reveal certain body parts except in the privacy of our bedroom or gynecologist’s office.  Knees are on that list… Gilbert knees
Along with the stuff that accumulates on the underside of our upper arms and keeps moving even when we’re standing still. arms
You’re 44 and your knees show it.  Stop showing them. Gilbert knees
Your ankle boots:  Are you serious?  Ankle boots with a dress? Gilbert ankle boots
If you’re 24:  Hot. ankle boots cropped
If you’re 44:  Not. thumbs-down cropped
Your new book:  The Signature of All Things. Signature
I haven’t read it and I’m doubtful I’ll tackle a 512-page tome about… moss. moss
And speaking of moss, have you read Kate’s book? kate book_03
Now, she’s got some nice knees! kate_04 cropped smallest

Ms. Gilbert, your new book, City of Girls, comes out in June.

yippee-not cropped larger
And I can’t wait to see your interviews! heh heh cropped

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