A Heads-Up To 2020 Voters:

I’m a writer, and I find it mostly easy to imagine conversations – for others, and for myself.

Sometimes I imagine having a conversation with a Trump supporter.

And since it’s my imagined conversation, I’ll chose to have it with a male adult Trump supporter.

I’ll call him “Bob.”  Bob has a wife, and they have two teenage daughters.

Here goes:

Me:  Bob, you’re a Trump supporter, correct?

Bob:  Yes, I voted for Trump in 2016 and I’ll vote for him in November.man woman talking cropped

Me:  OK.  Now, do you recall, over the past several years, the negative things Trump has said about women?

Bob:  Not particularly.

Me:  Then how about if I recall an example?

Bob:  OK, I guess.

Me:  In 2018, referring to a woman who used to work for him, Trump said she was  “a crazed, crying lowlife” and a “dog.”

Bob:  And…so?

Me:  I was wondering if you’d like it if Trump called your wife a “a crazed, crying lowlife” and a “dog”?  Or your daughters?  Would it be OK if Trump called your daughters “crazed, crying lowlifes” and “dogs”?

Bob:  Oh.  OK, no.

Me:  How about if Trump said this about your wife or daughters:  “Does she have a good body?  No.  Does she have a fat ass?  Absolutely.”  Would that be alright?

man woman talking cropped reversedBob:  No.

Me:  OK, Bob, last example.  Suppose Trump said this about your wife or daughters:  “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.”

Bob (long pause):  Is there a point to this?

Me:  Yes.  I’m wondering why it wouldn’t be OK for Trump to make these statements about your wife and daughters, but you’re fine with him saying these things – and worse – about other women?

Bob:  I didn’t say I was fine with it.

Me:  But you’re going to vote for him, right?

Bob:  Yes.

End of my imaginary – though I think real enough – conversation.

I culled the above Trump insults from this article:

61 Insults (2)

Articles about Trump’s verbal abuse of women are easy to find, like this one:

Insults Black Female Reporters (2)

And this one:

Nasty (2)

And back in 2017 the Brits got in on the act with this article:

Brits (2)

But the Brits are behind the times; just think of all the demeaning things he’s said about women since then – this one, for example:

Congresswomn (2)

It’s so obvious to me that Trump is a misogynist:

misogynist cropped larger

He hates women.

He likes to fuck women, but he hates women.

What I can’t find are articles that tell me why.

I thought I might find articles written by or quoting experts, but no – it’s widely that accepted no ethical psychiatrist or psychologist would speak publicly about Trump’s mental state, having never had Trump as a patient.

And of course, if they did have Trump as a patient, those conversations would be kept private due to patient/doctor privilege.

So I’ll jump in and offer my opinion on why Trump hates women.

Here she is:


Mary MacLeod Trump, his mother.

Mary grew up poor, crammed into a two-bedroom rented cottage with her parents and 10 siblings.

Homes in the community were considered “indescribably filthy” and characterized by “human wretchedness.”

She had less than a high school education.

But worst of all…

She was an immigrant.

And Trump has made his feelings clear about immigrants:

Hates Immigrants (2)

Mary was poor, Scottish immigrant who spoke English with an accent.  She came to this country in 1929 when she was 17, and worked as a maid before marrying Trump’s father.

A maid.  Sometimes called a “domestic.”  Or, a “servant.”

Trump is ashamed of his mother’s – and therefor his – “lowly” roots.

When you feel ashamed of someone, and because of someone, it can be easy to hate them.

Trump hates his mother.

And he extends that hate to all women.

Oh, I know – he’s been married three times, and considers himself the greatest cocksman of all time…

cocksman_01 cropped larger

But he hates women.

I did find one article with a headline that matched my theory – it’s the first image at the top.

The article is thoughtful and well-written, but nowhere is there any mention of Trump’s mother.

So, the author had his theory, and I have mine.

And I’ll stand by my theory.

But…why have a theory?

Why write about “Trump hates women” at all?

here's why_01 cropped

Because, come November, I want his female supporters to remember, while he’s courting them for their vote…

He hates them.

And I want Trump’s male supporters to remember that every time Trump demeans a woman…

He’s also talking about their wives…

And their daughters.

Respect women (2)

Last image (2)

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