Do You Have Trouble Saving Money? Save Now – But Only Until March 8!

Here’s an easy, guaranteed way to save $200 and the best part is, you don’t have to do anything.

It’s what you’re not going to do that will save you that $200:

Don’t do this:


No, this is not the first settlement of humans on the moon.

It’s Dinner with a View, or DWAV, and those in the know call it.

DWAV is San Diego’s latest pop-up dining experience – excuse me, experiential dining event – and was deemed “Instagram-worthy” by the San Diego Union-Tribune.

And not only “Instagram-worthy,” but “Instagram-worthy luxury event” and “Instagram story dream come true.”

The article sounded more like an ad for Instagram than a restaurant review.

As does the DWAV website:

“…opportunities to capture that perfect photograph…a wondrous environment perfect for sharing via social…

Here’s what happened.

DWAV sent a bunch of worker bees to a location in San Diego (above) to hand-assemble 36 domes – excuse me, dining pods – from dozens of Plexiglass-style hexagons.

This is outdoor dining in the dead of winter, and yes, while it is San Diego and temperatures at this time of year can reach the 70s during the day, they can drop to the 30s at night.

And in those chilly temps…

Want a pre-dinner cocktail?  It’s a GYO – Get Your Own – at the outdoor bar.

Indoor bathrooms, the reviewer assures us, “are happily close,” which could be anything from a few steps away to a trip over the river and through the woods.

Thus, the reviewer recommends “cold-weather clothing and shoes”:

winter clothing
“We’re on our way to Dinner With a View!”

And, the reviewer assures us, each dining pod has a space heater.

But before you start zipping up your down jacket, you must “book your dome.”


Charges 1 (3)

That’s right – $200 just to sit in a Plexiglass-style dome, shivering with cold while you eat.  And speaking of eating…

Next:  You pay for your dinner in advance.


Charges 1 (2)

Next:  You make your meal selection from something I’d never heard of:

A blind menu.

That means you can choose meat, fish or vegan, but you have no idea what you’re ordering, or paying for in advance.

steak_01 beef tripe_01 mystery meat larger
So “meat” could mean a juicy, perfectly cooked ribeye steak, or beef tripe (a cow’s stomach lining) or whatever was left over from last night.

You won’t know until your server serves it.

Same for fish and vegan.

The DWAV website says that beverages are not included, and they mean NONE:

“There will be no complimentary water available.”

Other extras:  Gratuity, taxes, and ticketing/processing.

And, added the reviewer, “the food needs a boost” and “service…was slow.”

As for the “view” in Dining with a View, this “dazzling winter wonderland scene” happened in Toronto:

dinner with a view toronto

But in San Diego,

“It’s not quite as romantic at Liberty Station, with the domes set up on a concrete patio behind the Navy’s National Training Center building.”

Yeah, just to the left of the dumpsters.

Your reservation must be for a minimum of four guests, so throw in one round of GYO cocktails and a bottle of wine, and I figure $800+ for you and three others to dine in a dome.

And take a shivering selfie.

Dinner With a View will dissemble its domes on March 9, so you have till then to decide:

selfie_02 cropped money in pocket larger
$200 shivering selfie…………………………………….or $200 in your pocket?

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