WOW!  Mail – AND Money – From Melania!

I am humbled.

Seriously humbled.

To think that Melania Trump – busy as she is, picking out clothes and shoes and accessories, getting her hair and makeup done, and following behind Trump like in this famous image, where Trump is bounding up the White House steps, Melania apparently forgotten…

melania image 1

That she would take the time to find MY name, MY address, write to me AND send me a check?

And not only that, but to write a two-page letter, personally addressed to me?

Just a cursory glance at the letter showed me it was filled with her own personal words of wisdom, like these…

Words 1

And these…

Words 2 (2)

And these…

Words 3 (2)

WOW, again!  Melania is going to tell Trump – about me?

And she personally signed it with an authentic Trump-style Sharpie?

Seriously, all I can say is…

Im not worthy cropped larger

So there I was, basking in the glow of Melania’s personal attention, picking up the check again to admire her other authentic Trump-style Sharpie signature, when…

check (2)


The check isn’t made out to me.

It’s made out to “Republican National Committee.”

Oh no cropped larger

Did Melania mail me the wrong check?

I went back and this time I read the letter closely, and…

I' crushed cropped

This wasn’t a personal-from-Melania-let’s-be-BFFs missive at all.

It was a pitch for money!shoes_01 cropped smaller outlined

For the Republican National Committee!

And here I’d had visions dancing through my head of us shopping together, and finding these Jimmy Choo Metallic Avril 100 Crystal Pumps – a steal at $4,215…


If you see Melania (look for her following behind Trump – he’s the one with the umbrella) …

melania and baron behind

Well, if Melania wants to write to me again, please tell her my new address…

lonely cropped larger


Heartbreak hotel

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