Memo To Mireya:  This Wasn’t A Story, It Was A…

CBS_Evening_News_croppedThis past Sunday on the CBS Evening News I watched a horrible story about how the pandemic is affecting a hospital in Texas.

Pandemic stories are horrible, but this one took a turn I hadn’t seen before:

Blatant exploitation of the sick, and a mind-numbing lack of sensitivity, both displayed by the reporter, Mireya Villarreal.

It quickly became clear that video of infected people in ICU beds fighting for their lives wasn’t enough of a story for Villarreal.

So she dressed in PPE – personal protective equipment:

Image 1 (2)

To go into the ICU and get up close and personal with the patients and staff.

The PPE Villarreal used must, of course, be disposed of – PPE that could have been used by a hospital staff member.

PPE, of which there is a shortage:

Headline (2)

She asked two hospital workers if they’re scared:

Image 2 (2)

Wow!  What an insightful question!

Why would they be scared?

Because they’re working with patients who have a highly infectious, incurable disease?  Because they might get infected, and take the disease home to their families?  Because they could die, as more than 700 U.S. health workers have done?

emmy croppedApparently feeling that the “scared” question was working – and no doubt with visions of an Emmy Award for Outstanding Continuing Coverage of a News Story dancing in her pea brain – Villarreal then connected with this patient:

Image 3 (2)

This woman is suffering from coronavirus and pneumonia.  Her 35-year-old daughter died from COVID nearly two weeks ago.

The patient’s husband is also in the hospital, fighting the virus.

Villareal asked, “He’s scared he’s gonna die?”

The wife nods.

Villareal asked, “Are you scared of that?”

The wife nods again.

Wow!  Seriously insightful!

We’re seriously talking Emmy-worthy reportage here.

Villareal then talked to two different staff members:

Image 4 (2)

One describes the difficulties the hospital team members are dealing with.

Villareal exclaimed, “This is real!”

At the risk of being redundant, wow.emmy 2 cropped

Maybe a second Emmy for Outstanding Investigative Journalism, since apparently Villarreal is the first to discover that the pandemic is, indeed, “real.”

Yes, I’ll say defnitely TWO emmys for this two-minute-and-twenty-second travesty:

Last Image (2)

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